"Got My Mojo Working" by David T. Wilbanks and Willie Meikle

"MonoChrome" by T.E. Grau

"When Soft Voices Die" by Amanda DeWees

"Baron of Bourbon Street" by Aaron Vlek

"Orbus Tertius" by Josh Reynolds

BORKCHITO by Sam L. Edwards and Yves Tourigny


"The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor" by Charles R. Rutledge

A look at the popular comic from the 1970s.

"The Man Behind Doctor Spektor: An Interview with Don F. Glut"

Charles R. Rutledge interviews the creator of the DOCTOR SPEKTOR comic in a thoughtful and information discussion.

"How to be a Fictional Victorian Ghost Hunter in Five Easy Steps" by Tim Prasil

The acclaimed scholar offers some advice to the doomed.

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