"Songs for Dwindled Gods" by Simon Avery

A haunting folk horror novelette of music, lost years and empty villages in rural Britain, where vague memories of the past turn out to be all too real.   

"Black Frog and Black Scarab" by Davide Mana

A veteran centurion and his men investigate a missing soul in Roman Alexandria, and face a troubling sorcerer. 

"The French Lieutenant's Gurning" by Rhys Hughes

In what is probably the strangest and most droll ghost story yet to appear in ODQ a disembodied face floats down from on high and alarms the locals in weirdest France. 

"The Case of the Black Lodge" by Aaron Vlek

Aaron Vlek returns to our pages to bring us her new character, an adept of the occult ways of West and East, and bloody conflict between the lodges of power around him, 

"Yellow Light District" by Aaron Besson

A disturbing tale that is a dark and twisted nod to both the King in Yellow and old-style PIs. 

BORKCHITO! by Sam L. Edwards and Yves Tourigny



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