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The newest issue of ODQ is now available on Amazon and Amazon UK! Check the ODQ #4 page for details!

Ulthar Press

With the 4th issue of ODQ, we are now being published by Ulthar Press! They've previously published several volumes of new Carnacki stories as well as material by and about William Hope Hodgson. Check them out!

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From ODQ Editor John Linwood Grant: ""A HEARTFELT PLEA TO ALL DOOMED MEDDLERS (and their dogs and cats): Huzzah! We’ve completed our original pledge of four issues, and we have some fantastic material lined up for ODQs #5 and #6. But the usual shipping costs, unexpected catastrophes etc. take their toll, and it’s always close to the knuckle. SO – we need to sell the heck out of ODQ#4 and the back issues. Please talk about it, mention it to friends and acquaintances, bring it up on blogs and websites if you can. Review copies ARE available. This is the point when fiction and art markets like us stay alive and prosper, or where they find the Void nibbling at them." 

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